AT Energy representatives to take part in NTI working group meeting for AeroNet

02.06.2016, 05:34

Within the National Technological Initiative (NTI), the project has been launched in Russia to establish a large-scale production of propulsion systems for UAVs.

The location of the primary production facility is still undecided, and the project participants are to define it. The project's relevancy is very high, since in Russia the UAV production is rather chaotic: components are purchased from a lot of suppliers, and there is no unification of propulsion system parameters.

AeroNet is one of the areas of the National Technological Initiative. It is intended to develop a market of distributed systems of unmanned aerial vehicles. The National Technological Initiative is a program of activities to establish innovative markets and create conditions of global technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Leading universities of the country, research and engineering centers, modern technological companies and specialized ministries take part in the project. Composites of Russian MIC participates in three primary areas of the program in the Markets group. This is AeroNet - distributed systems of unmanned aerial vehicles.